Jan 21, 2011

One More Thing.

Do leave comments, they don't require registration (now). I need to know if I should bother with this and any criticism is more than welcome.


Erik said...

Please make more. Also, make and publish a schedule so I can plan my life accordingly.

Criticism part:
(It's been a while since I read the first entries, so I'll certainly forgotten key issues)
I think your epic would be better of if you could create a concisten point of view. Is the story told by the main character, the player or by a dedicated storyteller? Is the storytelling party aware of the interface and metainfo?

Also, more story and slightly fewer screencaps, please. (In general only, of course)

In case you wonder, I stumbled upon you from your name link over at Rutsy's.

PS: Neither using the Name/page or Anon identities while posting works.

Someone said...

Thanks for commenting, more BG is on the way. As for a shedule, well...I'm not really a shedule type guy, sorry.

I'm writing everything from the PoV of myself, the player, as I was experiencing the game. That way I can add some occasional bits of criticism towards the mechanical aspects of the game. Besides, I'm not really a good enough writer to use the character's point of view, and really, BG1 doesn't have that much roleplaying fluff and while there are some variations here and there, the majority of your interactions with the world boil down to "Go to X to find Y and/or kill Z".

As for screencaps, I thought they helped keep the reader's interest (and pad out the post so I don't have to write as much 8) ). I'll try to refrain from abusing them later on.

Also, I'm posting this using the Name/Page method, with the page being this page.

bucaneer said...

I second the comment about a little less screenshots, a little more walls of text. Surely, some dialogue can simply be summarized with added bits of your perspective, and that's what makes LPs interesting (not to mention that, as our History of the League illustrated well, frequent shifting between narration and quoting makes a story harder to follow.) Also, consider cropping the pictures when there's just a single part (piece of dialogue, small-scale fight, etc) you want to highlight - having to click each just to make out what's going on gets tiresome.

Otherwise, good job. RSSing now and looking forward to more.

Someone said...


Yeah, I guess "show don't tell" doesn't quite cut it here.

By the way, did we ever get that History thing released?

bucaneer said...

The history was put here: http://pastehtml.com/view/1cka2n2.html and linked to in a comment on what was at the time the newest post on CH. Despite it getting caught in a spam filter at first, and therefore, definitely being noticed by Ruts, nobody acknowledged its existence in any way. Also, the page view counter that was supposed to be working on that page was down at the time of posting and for a couple of weeks afterwards, so we'll never know how many people we actually managed to lure and then immediately scare off. Ah well.

Supah_Ewok said...


Wow, I had thought that y'all had just never gotten around to posting the thing. Now that I know about I'll check it out.


Sorry to be commenting on something other than your blog. I LOVE Baldur's Gate, though, so rest assured that although I don't have the time to read now, I'll be sure to remember to come back.

Someone said...


It's alright, I was the one who brought up BHOTL in the first place. Don't know how are you gonna read it if you don't even have time for my relatively short LP, the thing is like a small book. And the puns! Oh god, the puns...

When you find time, do tell me if you like my scribblings. And the History, for that matter.