May 2, 2011

No BG Yet, Sadly.

As you may recall from my previous LPBG post, I ran into some difficulties with the playthrough due to game-breaking bugs. Never being the one to back down from a game because of a few bugs, I spent a good part of an hour a whole week trying to find a solution to a problem: an NPC (duke Eltan) gives a critical quest item (a rare book), area transition to said NPC's location doesn't work.

Well, I've got good news and bad news. Good news - I dug around and found this site (for those of you out there having problems getting appropriate quest items), information from which has enabled me to obtain the required book (through the console). Bad news - it doesn't actually help me, probably due to the game's scripting. Judging by the playthroughs I read, after duke hands you the book you are "teleported" (as in: insta transported with no random encounters and waypoint hassle) to Candlekeep's entrance, and I'll bet it's a different version of the "Candlekeep Entrance" map with a differently scripted gatekeeper's dialogue, one which works under the assumption that you already have the book, simply because you wouldn't be able to gain access to this version of the map otherwise. Think of it as a "parallel universe" Candlekeep entrance, one which exists for a world and a timeline where I get to where I want because the game actually fucking works.

Anyway, there may be hope yet. Another possible solution (ironically, involving sidequests) may similarly "teleport" me to the good duke, at which point I'll be able to return to the confines of the main plot scripting and continue my playthrough, at least until I hit another major bug.

Since there is no actual writeup to post, here is some filler content, in the form of leftover ArmA2 screenshots, after the jump.

This is actually barely enough to take down a couple of tanks

The healing touch

Results of a successful artillery strike are always a joy to behold

War never changes: a T-34 and a T-72

US Marines apprehending a dangerous war criminal

UAZ - The Russian answer to HMMWV

A radio tower BEFORE...

...and AFTER

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Sekundaari said...

Your filler is awesome. (Yes I read the series so far.) The pumpkin pic has perfect timing for the shot. And my character looks so gleeful with that grenade launcher.

The collection needs bucaneer's mushroom pic too, though. That was great.